Connect our Wisdom and Resources

EAL Media

The purpose of European Apostolic Leaders is to connect each member’s wisdom and resources in order to function more strategically, combine our efforts globally, and effectively accelerate the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth into every sphere of society.

EAL President and Convenor Jan-Aage Torp is passionate about this, and EAL is increasingly learning how to build together - As ONE! We are not just talking, but we are doing! Please watch the video excerpt below from the ICAL meeting in November 2014 while Jan-Aage was still the Communications Director of International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. Jan-Aage Torp gave a strong challenge to ICAL.

Top photo above shows in Oslo in March 2016 from left to right: Øystein Sandtorv (Croatia/Norway), Viktor Sabo (Serbia), and Dana Molla (Albania).

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