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European Apostolic Leaders (EAL) welcomes as members apostles, prophets and apostolic leaders.

We have members of diverse ethnic, cultural and historic backgrounds, as welll as various theological emphases, and together we serve a diverse continent with a history of great accomplishments and leadership to the world, but also of ethnic and religious disunity. We have a vision to bring restoration, reconciliation, revival and reformation to our diverse continent.

Membership in EAL is for individuals who have been recognized by a significant segment of the church, including peer-level apostles and prophets, as having the gift of apostle and/or prophet, and who have been ministering through their gift for a period of time. We also welcome apostolic leaders who are connected with apostles and prophets.

Membership is attained only by official invitation from our President through the following, simple process:

An invitation to join EAL requires a nomination to be made and seconded by any two active members of EAL (and/or one of our related movements). Under extenuating circumstances where two nominators are not available, an explanation as to why there is no second nominee is weighed in the decision-making process. Nomination forms are available through our Oslo office.

Nominations by the two active members are then processed through the President of European Apostolic Leaders, who consults with the Executive Committee (EC). Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis as to whether official invitations will be extended.

When the invitation is accepted by the individual nominee, a membership application and related documents will be sent to the nominated apostle. This involves the nominee submitting a written application form as well as the payment of membership dues. The applicant is required to provide the contact information for a person who knows about the nominee’s ministry and to whom the applicant is accountable.

Membership in European Apostolic Leaders is for the individual, not as a married couple. If both a husband and wife are recognized as apostle, prophet or apostolic leader, a possible invitation will be processed on each individual with a separate application and reduced fee as a married couple. Spouses are encouraged to attend European Apostolic Leaders functions together.

Annual Membership Fees

Individual member fee is: 50 Euros.
Married apostles combined fee is: 75 Euros.

Membership dues cover 12 months from the month that payment is made. A renwal invoice is sent every year by email, one month before the renewal payment is due.

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