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Members of European Apostolic Leaders (EAL) are committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of integrity of personal character and operational methodology among its members. Although EAL is not a primary accountability structure, membership does imply an additional apostolic accountability.

Our President gives oversight and enforces the code of Biblical conduct required of each member to insure the standards of EAL and maintain unity among the brethren (Psalm 133:1, Eph.4:3). This does not mean «covering». The President seeks the counsel of the Executive Committee (EC) as he gives oversight and enforces the code of Biblical conduct. 

It must be understood that membership in EAL does not confer ordination or commissioning on a given apostle or prophet. EAL does not «make» an individual an apostle or prophet. Only those who have previously been recognized as having the gift and office are accepted as members, and this recognition comes through, and is maintained, by the particular ecclesiastical network or ministry conferring the ordination or commissioning.

Because European Apostolic Leaders is a horizontal structure, as over against vertical, EAL does not provide «spiritual covering» for its members. European Apostolic Leaders does not ordain or cover individuals or groups of apostles and prophets. 

Members of European Apostolic Leaders are relationally accountable to one another. 

We recognize that autonomy is important for members of differing networks, as well as for organizational leaders.

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