Executive Committee

European Apostolic Leaders (EAL) was established in July 2013. In March 2016, the Executive Committee (EC) was appointed.

The President leads EAL, and appoints an Executive Committee.

«Anyone who is invited to join EAL will be aligning with the whole Executive Committee, and not any of us individually. This is not a one man show. Even though I appoint the EC, and I am fundamentally responsible for all decisions. we are a trust and relationship-based leadership team that seeks consensus in all fundamental matters », underscores EAL President Jan-Aage Torp.

Ioan Ceuta (Romania) served on the executive committee from April 2016 unil June 2018, when his tenure ended. We are grateful for the service he rendered for more than two years.

Marshall Cross, George E. Markakis, and Jan-Aage Torp have served since April 2016, and Wieslaw Ziemba since September 2016. 

Photo montage at the top of this web page: Left to right: Jan-Aage Torp, Norway (President). George E. Markakis, Greece. Marshall Cross, Scotland. Wieslaw Ziemba, Poland.

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