Scotland 2018

Scotland 2018

«The Ekklesia, Arise, in the Nations of Europe!»
January 13, 2018

The 5th Annual Gathering of European Apostolic Leaders (EAL) will be held from Wednesday, March 21st to Saturday, March 24th, 2018 in Motherwell, Scotland - which lies between the international airports of Glasgow and Edinburgh, hosted by EAL Executive Committee member, Marshall Cross. One session will be held in Edinburgh, which is the capital city of Scotland.

Scotland 2018Aina & Jan-Aage Torp (left) and Michelle & Marshall Cross are all excited about the EAL 2018 Annual Gathering in Motherwell!

Our original plan was to hold the 2018 Annual Gathering in Bucharest, Romania, but due to logistical challenges because of the delayed completion of their excellent new campus, we have agreed with EAL Executive Committee member Ioan Ceuta to come to Bucharest in 2019 or 2020, when all is ready.


- We are excited to gather in Scotland on March 21st, says EAL President Jan-Aage Torp.

- The delegates can fly to either the international airport in Glasgow or Edinburgh, which both are close to Motherwell.

- Our first session will start on Wednesday, March 21st at 18:00, so we ask that all delegates arrive no later than early in the afternoon. Our last session finishes on Saturday, March 24th at 13:00, so it is good to catch a plane in the afternoon.

- The registration is based upon our personal invitation. This is an invitation-only gathering. The EAL meeting in Scotland is a process meeting, not a conference. Everyone needs to be there with heart and soul. We encourage bringing our spouses, so that our fellowship will be real-life.

- Our official invitation letters are being processed from January 13th onwards. Upon reception of an invitation email from my office in Oslo, you need to answer me directly. Within a few days you will receive an official confirmation from the office of Marshall Cross in Scotland with payment details, information about transportation from/to the airports, our hotel accommodations etc.

Scotland 2018


- Among our speakers are a key reformational leader of the European Parliament in Brussels as well as a leader of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Our Executive Committee that consists of Ioan Ceuta (Romania), Marshall Cross (United Kingdom), George E. Markakis (Greece), and Wieslaw Ziemba (Poland) will lead sessions along with some premiere voices in European evangelical and charismatic Christendom, says Jan-Aage.

Theme & Topics

- Our theme is «The Ekklesia, Arise, in the Nations of Europe!» We will have sessions that expand our understanding of the Ekklesia as the representation of authority from heaven, and we will grapple with the issues of «Family»: Both politically in regards to family and marriage language and laws in constitutional documents of European nations, the EU, the Council of Europe, the Former Soviet Union etc. And morally as we face the rampage of divorce, division, experimental sexual and cohabitation forms etc. We will deliberate in practical terms on how to practice the relationships between husband and wife as well as parents and kids, and we will discuss significant implications for education, media usage etc.

Not «performance-driven»

- Since our first EAL Annual Gathering in Greece in 2014, we have had our meetings in Portugal (2015), Norway (2016), and Poland (2017). The three full days together are built around LOVE & VISION: Every apostolic and prophetic leader needs to be involved in a community of peer-level leaders who serve and love each other, in good and bad days, and that´s why our annual gatherings are not «performance-driven», underscores the EAL President. - But without vision, we perish. EAL has become a spearhead for the Creation Mandate of Genesis 1, which we are modelling as we serve, dialogue with and influence the political and societal processes of our European nations.


- We will have delegates from all corners of Europe, as well as a few from beyond Europe. Leaders of denominations, churches, organizations and ministries will gather, and this year we will also have with us politicial leaders from national and continental entities of Europe. 

- We encourage apostolic and prophetic leaders in Europe who have not received an official invitation from us to send us a brief message on the contact form of this web page with your name, email address and a brief presentation of yourself. We take such inquiries seriously as EAL is growing and developing. Several key members of EAL have initially joined us by contacting us in this way.

- We encourage spouses and key team members from our nations to join with the apostolic and prophetic leaders, says Jan-Aage Torp.

- I expect the EAL Scotland 2018 Annual Gathering to be the greatest so far in our 4 1/2 year history, with far-reaching impact on the 55 nations and institutions of Europe as well as globally. Welcome! exclaims EAL President Jan-Aage Torp from his office in Oslo, Norway.

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