Prophetic Revelation from the Glory-of-Zion Team in Oslo

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On Wednesday, January 20th, the team of apostles and prophets that Chuck Pierce brought with him to Oslo conveyed significant prophetic revelation.

Anne Tate (photo above), Director of International Prayer at Glory-of-Zion in Texas:

"If the Lord could multiply the loaves and the fishes, He can multiply you. The gifts that are in each and every member of this congregation that is gathered here tonight will begin to walk in a greater manifestation of the anointing. We speak to all resistance - that spirit of resistance - that would stop all these anointings from coming together and aligning, what each person has will begin to come up. We say that there will be new fire on the intercession and the watchmen. This wil not be something they will have to do. It is something they will long to do. There is a new grace on you now for this."

Prophetic Revelation from the Glory-of-Zion Team in OsloSheryl & John Price

Sheryl Price, New Jersey

"I saw Norway as many fingers. The apostle and prophet finger came together in a new way this year. And when that happened the hand of fingers went into the harvest field and reaped all the grain and began to wave it before the Lord as a wave offering."

John Price, New Jersey

"I saw the Lord with His ear bent towards us tonight. He was listening for a sound. An unlocking sound to unlock that which has been locked up for provision. Things that you have been looking for and longing that have been hiddened from you. Not a hymn, not a song, not a chord. A sound of desperation."

Chuck Pierce added to John Price´s prophecy:

"An incredible war sound. Norway will send the sound all over Europe that unlocks the resources of the seed." 

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