Pray for Peter Wagner

Jan-Aage Torp

We have received a health update from Doris Wagner about her husband Peter Wagner´s upcoming heart situation. Although 85, we believe and pray that Dr. Wagner will regain his health and have many more years with his family and the Body of Christ. We still expect him with us in Europe!

Pray for Peter WagnerPeter Wagner needs our prayer and support!

«(The doctor) is wanting to proceed ­with the surgery next Wednesday, Decembe­r 9 and expected hour is 1 P.M. Texa­s time. He plans to repair three faulty ­valves, now in a severely poor shape, an­d also address the A-fib condition curre­ntly plaguing Peter. Right now, Peter h­as very little energy and has lost a gre­at deal of weight. His chronic cough co­ntinues, although it has lessened somewh­at. We are expecting all of those condit­ions to improve. This is a risky 6 hour surgery and we are told­ it will be tough for a person of his ag­e. So we are reaching out to you to joi­n hands with us asking our good Lord to ­help».


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