Right to Quote

April 04, 2016

Restoration Oslo adheres to the standards of «Right to Quote», which are adequately described by Wikipedia. 

This includes written articles, photos, videos, audios and all other materials that are not attributed to external sources. We require that none of our material is used by external sources without our prior, explicit written consent.

From Wikipedia:

Right to quote is a legal concept in continental Europe, which some people consider similar to fair use. It allows for quoting excerpts of copyrighted works, as long as the cited paragraphs are within a reasonable limit (varying from country to country), clearly marked as quotations and fully referenced, and if the resulting new work is not just a collection of quotations, but constitutes a fully original work in itself. In some countries the intended use of the work (educational, scientific, parodist, etc.) may also be a factor determining the scope of this right.


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