Fathers for the Young Generation

A Word for European Apostolic Leaders in 2016
Stoil Stoilov
December 01, 2015

Fathers for the Young GenerationA prophetic word for 2016 was received by prophet Stoil Stoilov in Bulgaria in mid-October. It is about "the apostolic building of the Church in Europe", writes brother Stoil.

We have weighed it and found that it is a word from the Lord for 2016 in our mission in Europe.

"The last five years  have been years of positioning, confirmation and building connections for you and many other apostolic leaders all over Europe. But 2016 will be a different year.  It will be a year in which I would like the hearts of the mature apostles all over Europe to start turning to the hearts of the young generation of leaders. Because there is a new generation of young apostles, prophets and reformers rising all over Europe. But they should not grow as orphans, everybody searching for his own calling and ministry, looking for models and fathers all over the world. Because i have true fathers ready to impart in them character, understanding and wisdom. 

Because the curse of Malachi 4:6 has been over the church of Europe in the last 40 years, since many spiritual fathers searched only the success of their own ministries and churches and did not turn their hearts for fathering the new generations of spiritual sons and daughters. This is the reason many young leaders in Europe are trying to import "successful" models from all over the world, not sure enough in their identity, calling and spiritual inheritance.

But in 2016 I will start breaking the curse of Malachi 4:6 from the church of Europe and from the apostolic movement of Europe, and a new generation of leaders will arise out of this . They will carry the spirit of sonship, and will be trained and equipped with the right kingdom values and character, and the orphan spirit will have no more power over them.  And a new and fresh wave of revelation, life, anointing and power will flow out of their ministries since the  heavenly inheritance I have for them and for Europe will be released as never before says the spirit of the Lord"

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