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Changing Nations?

Jan-Aage Torp
November 24, 2015

I am in Kiev for some days in the home of Pastor Sunday Adelaja. It is impressive and impacting to spend time with him, because he not only talks about "Changing Nations", but he is doing it!

Changing Nations?Sunday Adelaja brings Reformation to the nation of UkraineThe Creation Mandate of Genesis 1:26-28 clearly establishes that God´s foremost creation, mankind, has a mandate to rule over God´s Creation. The Bible shows us how. Jesus reiterates this in what we call the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Our commission is not just to make individual converts, but to make disciples of whole nations and people groups.

23 years ago, the young Nigerian black man Sunday Adelaja founded Embassy of God Church in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine with 2,5 million inhabitants within the metropolis. Now, this church has a 5000 seat auditorium, 14.000 registered members in the main church and 40 daughter churches within the municipality of Kiev, and 1000+ churches worldwide.

Changing Nations?Pastor Sunday´s newest book in English was published in October 201599,5 percent of the membership in Embassy Church Kiev is white Ukrainian and Russian. Not bad for a black pastor in a society that tends to alienate black people...

I have known Sunday Adelaja since 2003. Not only do I relate to him personally, but our church center in Oslo is working directly with several of his envoys from Ukraine. My reports are not based on superficial observations, but on broad insight.

Pastor Sunday has a challenging message. It´s all about the Gospel of the Kingdom. And the emphasis is not on building local church, even though the church is God´s vehicle. But it is on permeating society with Kingdom priciples and values! The testimonies of God´s mighty work are endless here in Kiev.

Since 2008, Pastor Sunday has not been allowed to leave Ukraine because of a marathon court case dealing with issues from the worldwide financial crisis in 2008. Allegations that he had created financial structures that led to financial problems for certain individuals were conveniently abused by Ukrainian authorities to get the influential Nigerian out of the way. Members of Sunday´s church were in 2008 the major force of Ukrainian politics both municipally and nationally, and were influencing society at the Presidential level.

Changing Nations?From a Sunday church service in Embassy of God Church in Kiev

Even today, while I am here in Kiev, Pastor Sunday is in tedious court proceedings. But the good news is that the allegations are being proven false. Within a year or so, his name will be cleared, and he will again be able to move freely around the world.

"I could never have managed this without my prayer life", confided Sunday to me yesterday. "I spend days in prayer in solitude. That´s where God moves, changes me, and changes circumstances."

This is real nation changing!

Sunday Adelaja & Jan-Aage Torp in 2015 in Ukraine (left) and in 2004 in Norway. A long-standing relationship!
Sunday Adelaja: "God's Knowledge sets you free!"
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