Newsworthy/State of Europe Forum 2014/Jeff Fountain's Challenge to the European Church

Jeff Fountain's Challenge to the European Church

State of Europe Forum in Athens
May 08, 2014

In a challenging analysis of the European situation tonight, Jeff Fountain, director of the Schuman Centre for European Studies and Convenor for the State of Europe Forum, maintained that God is at work in Europe in spite of the deep crises.

Jeff Fountain's Challenge to the European ChurchJeff Fountain established that Europe needs a soul, not just economic programs! -The EU, NATO and the UN do not have the solutions to Europe's crisis, he said. -We see the Hand of God at work in these times of crisis. God is at work in Europe!

He went on to present areas that we must deal with: 1) that the Bible is the foundation for the successes and strengths that created the modern Europe; and 2) that the deep splits from 1054 between the Western and Eastern Church, and from 1517 between the Catholic and Protestant Church, still present deep scars that have wide consequences for modern Europe; 

Jeff Fountain asked the probing question: Are we prepared to refocus our agenda in light of these crises?

The State of Europe Forum continues tomorrow with tough deliberations on these fundamental issues.

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