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Vive la France!

July 18, 2013

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Jean-Marc & Danièle Potenti hosted Jan-Aage Torp for 24 hours of heartwarming communications about their passion and vision for Europe.

Vive la France!Jean-Marc & Danièle Potenti

Jean-Marc & Danièle live in the village Lasseube-Propre, outside Auch, a one hour drive from Toulouse. In this rich wine-country, they have developed a thriving church in Auch which was planted by Jean-Marc´s father in the 1980´s. And here they have raised four daughters, who are all grown-up, and their 12-year old adopted son from Vietnam, Tam-Evan. 

They have a broad, pan-European vision, but their passion is for France: Vive la France!


Jean-Marc Potenti leads a network of 40 apostolic churches in France.

It started in the mid-1980s when some ministers were excluded from the French Assembles of God, officially because of their views on deliverance. Today the movement is named Nouvelles Connexions and is a well-rounded movement for discipling, churchgrowth, and societal transformation.

Potenti was close to being a marxist radical in his youth, but sought God as a teenager. He is a trained theologican from the Faculté Libre de Théologie Réformée d´Aix-en-Provence in Southern France, and he leads the national apostolic team of Nouvelles Connexions. He has a distinct teaching gift. 

Jean-Marc is a member of the Representative Committee of National Council of Evangelicals in France (Conseil National des Evangéliques de France) and the founder of the Institute for Development, Research and Reconciliation (Institut de Développement, de la Recherche et de la Réconciliation).

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