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Twelfth Shalom Prophetic Conference

George E. Markakis, Evi Markakis
December 23, 2015
Twelfth Shalom Prophetic ConferenceGerhard Schmitzer

On December 11th.-13th, Shalom Apostolic Ministries of Athens, Greece, hosted their Twelfth Prophetic Conference, led by apostles George & Evi Markakis. The external keynote speaker was Gerhard Schmitzer.

The theme was «The call to rule together with Jesus in the heavenly places». It is about praying for our cities and nations so that the Kingdom of God may grow (according to the principle of 1 Timothy 2) because «God wants all men to be saved». When the Body of Christ shines Light in the Darkness of the heavenly places, the Light of God can be seen by those who are spiritually dead and blind - then they can have an opportunity to be saved, if they submit their lives to Jesus.

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