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Swedish Lutheran Priest inspires Pentecostals

September 04, 2014

A Lutheran priest of the Church of Sweden, Hans Weichbrodt, who is also a leader within the Swedish «Oas»  renewal movement, gave a passionate teaching on the life and leading of the Holy Spirit at a pentecostal conference in Oslo today.

Swedish Lutheran Priest inspires PentecostalsHost pastor Stephan Christiansen (left) interviewing Hans Weichbrodt

Hans Weichbrodt (46), who is a reknown Biblical scholar with emphasis on the Jewish roots of the Gospel, gave an instructional, fundamental teaching on the Holy Spirit, as three in one, as a Person, as God, as Eternal, and as the Holy Spirit of both the Old and New Testaments. 

He maintained that the baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3) happened in the Jordan River, which is the lowest point on earth, and drew a strong message from this on how Jesus´ starting point is always when we are at our lowest. At the Baptism, the Holy Spirit revealed Himself as the Dove, which was the only bird that could be sacrificed in the Temple, thereby likened to the Lamb. So His Baptism was steeped in His identity as the Lamb of God who gave Himself for the sins of humanity. 

His subsequent leading by the Holy Spirit (Matthew 4) sent a clear signal to His followers that even Jesus Himself needed the Holy Spirit. So much more we!

Hans Weichbrodt emphasized the role of the Bible in the believers´life. 

When asked by host pastor Stephan Christiansen of Jesus Church about the keys to longevity in ministry, he underscored the significance of having spiritual fathers and mothers, as well as the sanity that comes from confessing sins. - When we stick close to the Holy Spirit, satan is scared! said the charismatic lutheran priest to Norwegian ministers and youthful Bible School students at the Jesus Festival in Oslo today.

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