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The Stake has been put in the Ground of Norway

April 18, 2016

A prophetic act has taken place in Oslo during the past three weeks that lays a decisive foundation for Norway and Europe for years to come.

The Stake has been put in the Ground of Norway

On January 20th, Chuck Pierce came explicitly to Oslo to speak a word from heaven for Oslo, Norway and all of Europe. 

First he said: 

- We are in Norway to say that God will connect from heaven into this earth realm that is called Norway and cause everything that has happened in the past to be realigned so that everything that needs to happen in the future will happen. This year there will be a group that find the right place and the right time to «put the stake of heaven» into Norway. Therefore the purposes of God for Norway for the next five years will be released, and what God wants to do will accelerate, and this also represents the shield that Norway is for the nations. There needs to be a move of faith going on in Norway in such a way that the enemy´s plan can not prosper in this nation.

Chuck Pierce then called Aina & Jan-Aage Torp together to the platform.

In a first prophetic act, he gave Jan-Aage a tent peg, and said:

- Jan-Aage, I wll leave this tent peg here. You will draw together the right group at the right time. You will establish it in this land and from that a new shield will go out to Europe.

The Stake has been put in the Ground of Norway

In a second prophetic act, Chuck Pierce draped the Torp couple together in a Jewish shawl, and said:

- I also brought a new mantle and it is filled with embers. The Lord says: I will stir up embers from other moves of God, and even moves that never came to the surface and caught fire. I am going to put this new mantle that represents new authority and new identity on you both. I am going to leave it here in this land and decree that what is lying in the land underneath the surface will now come all the way to be seen by the nations. Lord, we unlock that now in Jesus´ name and we leave a new mantle for a new move of God! We thank you Lord that a new unlocking and a new realigning has begun here in Norway!

The Stake has been put in the Ground of Norway

On March 31st during the 3rd Annual European Fellowship & Vision Gathering in Oslo, Jan-Aage felt that now was the time to «put the stake of heaven» into Norway. At the historic venue of the Oslo gathering, «Den Frie Evangeliske Forsamling», Jan-Aage symbolically put the stake in the ground (floor), as the apostles and prophets from 17 European nations preyed, prophesied, and laid hands on Aina & Jan-Aage for this act of putting the stake of heaven into Norway. The Norwegian delegates of the Oslo gathering were also huddled together and prayed for as representatives of this land.

A prophetic word was also spoken on March 31st, declaring that the prophetic act would be completed when Aina & Jan-Aage Torp would put the stake into the physical ground at «Stortinget», the Parliament of Norway.

The Stake has been put in the Ground of NorwayJan-Aage Torp speaking at Eidsvolls Plass on Saturday

Today this has happened. Aina & Jan-Aage hammered the stake into the ground in the circle in front of Stortinget. The circle is called «Eidsvolls Plass», which is a well-known meeting place which even was the venue two days ago for the demonstration for the Bodnariu family who lost their five children 5 months ago through the interference by the Norwegian government because of their pentecostal, evangelical practices of bringing up their children. Jan-Aage was one of the main speakers at that demonstration. Eidsvolls Plass is named after the Norwegian town Eidsvoll where the Norwegian Constitution was written in 1814, becoming Norway´s de facto Declaration of Independence.

- We are humbled and honored that God has given us such a mandate for Norway and Europe, say Aina & Jan-Aage Torp,

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