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It´s time for expansion!

Cronos 2013 Conference in Spain
October 10, 2013

The Cronos 2013 conference in Albir last weekend voiced a calling from God for the Church in Spain to expand!

It´s time for expansion!Sergio Zubillaga, Emilio Sevilla, Samuel Justo, Damir Šićko Alić and Jan-Aage Torp It´s time for expansion!Children played a significant role in the Cronos conference

Pastor Emilio Sevilla of Albir was the conference host, and had assembled two of Spain´s foremost apostolic leaders to minister, Sergio Zubillaga (Las Palmas) and Samuel Justo (Alicante), as well as reknown singer-pastor from Madrid, Marcos Vidal, and European apostolic leaders Damir Šićko Alić (Croatia), Gary & Kim Carter (Scotland/Canada), and Jan-Aage Torp (Norway). 

It´s time for expansion!Spain

The recurring theme of the conference was «Being an influence in Europe», focusing on the Church, media, politics etc.

In the keynote address on the opening night last Thursday, Sergio Zubillaga established that it is time for the Church in Spain to expand all over their own nation, but even into all of Europe!

Marcos Vidal translated by Aina Riegel
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