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Met with Serbia´s Ambassador

February 04, 2015

Jan-Aage Torp is preparing himself for his ministry trip to Serbia on Friday. Today, he met with Serbia´s Ambassador to Norway, Dr. Milan Simurdic.

Met with Serbia´s AmbassadorWith Ambassador Milan Simurdic today

The one hour long meeting at the Serbian Embassy was very amicable, says Jan-Aage Torp. - Dr Milan Simurdic gave me a lot of insights and knowledge about the situation in Serbia, both religiously, culturally and politically. He has good insight into the Evangelical-Pentecostal movement in the former Yugoslavia, especially through his many years as Serbia´s Ambassador to Croatia.

Milan Simurdic talked about the possibilities for cooperation with various organizations and movements in Serbia. and even the neighboring nations of Croatia and Bosnia y Hercegovina.

- His insight will prove invaluable, says Jan-Aage.

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