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Scotland´s Role in Revival

December 04, 2015

We are preparing a prayer initiative in the Shetland´s, led by apostolic leaders Bert McKaig (70) and Marshall Cross (35). The Lord has spoken to European Apostolic Leaders about the pivotal role of the triangle of Iceland, Norway and Scotland for revival, and the Shetland´s are in there!

Scotland´s Role in Revival Scotland´s Role in RevivalBert & Jenny McKaig

We asked Bert McKaig, a seasoned minister who lives with his wife Jenny in Polmont, Falkirk. He leads ministries called «Sound the Battle Cry» and «School of Apostolic Ministries», and has pioneered many initiatives over the past 15 years in both Scotland and Uganda. Bert KcKaig is a part of the apostolic team of apostle Marshall Cross in Redemption Church, Wishaw (not far from Glasgow). 

However, his expertise as the former Chairman of the «Pray for Scotland» initiative is in focus now.

Scotland´s Role in RevivalThe flag of Scotland

We asked him to tell us about the role of Scotland in revival:

«I believe that Scotland is key to what will happen in the rest of the UK and Europe. You cannot go much further in Europe than Scotland and what a privilege it would be for this nation to lead the way back to Jerusalem with the Gospel in the days to come. The Gospel came out of Jerusalem and gradually made its way across Europe, and the next stage is to take it back the way to where it came from, leaving revival in its wake.

I also believe that the whole world is waiting for a revived Scotland - when I was Chairman of Pray for Scotland I received emails from around the world asking when Scotland - the land of a National Covenant - would lead the way in starting the fire that would burn across the globe - they said there was a great expectation to see Scotland moving in revival.

It is interesting at this time that God has brought three apostles together in Wishaw - who never knew each other a few years ago - and that they are all part of EAL - I believe it is more than interesting but very significant, and that the apostles in Scotland have much to bring to the European Table.

Wishaw is in the middle of the central belt of Scotland - where most of the population in Scotland live - Marshall Cross with his international Network - Francis McFaul with his wonderful gift of bringing God’s people into His presence - Myself who has built up a network of contacts around the whole of Scotland - all being brought together for such a time as this. There is a great sense of expectation in Redemption Church and we believe we are on the cusp of a mighty move of God.»

The Apostolic Team at Redemption Church, Wishaw: (from left) Francis & Jacqui McFaul, Ian McMurdie, Michelle & Marshall Cross, Bert McKaig, Barry Hawthorne
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