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Scotland realigned with Norway

EAL Media
January 21, 2016
Scotland realigned with NorwayMarshall Cross of Scotland and Jan-Aage Torp of Norway

A prophetic declaration about Scotland was spoken by prophet  Chuck Pierce during the meeting in Oslo, Norway last night. It was specifically addressed directly and publicly to apostle Marshall Cross of Wishaw, Scotland who had flown to Oslo for this one meeting to asisst Aina & Jan-Aage Torp.

Chuck Pierce declared::

- Why would Scotland be here and not in Scotland? What in the world is God doing? I think you came from Scotland because Scotland has to determine how it is going to realign. And that wasn´t the same message that God wanted last night (editor´s note: Pierce ministered in Edinburgh, Scotland the evening before, on January 19th). So God brought you here to make sure that when you go back to Scotland you say «Now this nation will make its alignment!»

Marshall Cross affirmed to Chuck Pierce that he would act upon the prophetic word.

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