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Samuel Justo succeeding for Spain!

October 11, 2013

The saying goes: «There is no success without a successor!» With this in mind, young apostle Samuel Justo must be one of Spain´s success stories!

Samuel Justo succeeding for Spain!Constantino and Samuel Justo, padre y hijo!

The Alicante-based apostle-pastor and his Franch-born wife Raquel have a significant ministry in the wider Alicante-Torrevieja region, not just in their local churches in the region, but through their 24/7 TV and radio channels.

Samuel Justo is a dynamic speaker who influences lives.

But perhaps his greatest success is that he has succeeded his father, Constantino Justo (70). After raising the media and church ministries, Constantino was tired, and approached his up-and-coming son, Samuel: «Would you take over, mi hijo?»

Humbled and tear-filled, Samuel and Raquel accepted the call.

- Now, mi padre is thriving, says Samuel. - He travels and ministers with great fervor, and he is so happy that we are succeeding even more than he did!

Raquel nods with a grateful look in her eyes as she listens to her husband.

«There is no success without a successor!»


Samuel Justo translated by Emilio Sevilla
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