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Amazing Relationships in Sweden

Developments in the Nordic nations
Jan-Aage Torp
August 02, 2015

I was blessed in mid-July to speak at Kingdom Camp at Avesta, Sweden, hosted by Hans & Lotta Sundberg. 30 pastors and ministers were at the 5 day camp, and many church members of congregations in the Greater Stockholm area were there for days of fun, fellowship, training and ministry. God is clearly at work in Sweden!

Amazing Relationships in SwedenLotta & Hans Sundberg

Hans Sundberg was Vineyard Director for Europe and the Nordic nations from the mid-90's to 2008, and oversaw the development of a movement that spearheaded discipleship, evangelism, healing, prophecy, and church planting, as well as a strong focus at times of spiritual phenomena associated with «the Toronto Blessing».

But he had to deal with serious abuses within the charismatic movement, notably in the 1997-1999 situation in Oslo, Norway with Vineyard, pentecostal and lutheran pastors who were deceived by the Lightbearers New Age movement that had infiltrated the Pastors Group of Oslo. Hans dealt decisively with this, ethically, spiritually and theologically, faced with severe opposition from these pastors. (This is when Hans Sundberg and Jan-Aage Torp teamed up for the first time.)

Hans was handpicked for the Europe task by the Vineyard founder, John Wimber, and Vineyard Stockholm, pastored by Hans & Lotta, spearheaded the movement in Europe.

In 2008, Hans Sundberg left the Vineyard Movement to plant «Mosaic» in Uppsala, the reknown university town.

Uppsala University is where Hans got his earned theological doctorate, focusing on the theology of the Swedish Christian author and philosopher, Sven Lidman.

His theological training in the baptist movement in Sweden, followed by his doctoral work, has given him great respect in the evangelical world. 

Amazing Relationships in SwedenPancho Chin A Loi (to the right) is the leader of the charismatic renewal within the Roman Catholic Church of Sweden

At «Kingdom Camp» this summer, the 5th in a row since 2011, Lotta & Hans saw the fruits of their labors, with a harmonious blend of Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, and English speaking participants, in a camping and fellowship environment. 

The 30 pastors and ministers were from mainly a Swedish background, with some even from Peru, Chile, Surinam, US, the Philippines, and Norway.

ECAL Convenor Jan-Aage Torp was impressed with what he experienced at the 2015 Kingdom Camp:

- It seems clear that Hans & Lotta Sundberg have the patriarchal & matriarchal experience and anointing that attracts apostolic leaders, whatever their ministerial label, he says. - They are widely trusted and connected, even within official evangelical and historic charismatic circles, and with special relationships within their former baptist and Vineyard movements, underscores Jan-Aage. -I have a sense that Hans & Lotta are developing into a wider apostolic role in the Nordic region, he says.

Some of the 30 pastors officiated at the Communion Service
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