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Poland´s Protestant Churches against LGBT+ Declaration

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March 13, 2019
Poland´s Protestant Churches against LGBT+ DeclarationMarek Kamiński, the bishop of Poland´s Pentecostal Union Poland´s Protestant Churches against LGBT+ DeclarationThe initiator of the letter is Mateusz Wichary, the head of the Baptist Union of Poland. Two weeks ago in Warsaw, EAL´s President Jan-Aage Torp was privileged to get to know Dr. Wichary.

The leaders of protestant churches in Poland have written an Open Letter to mayors of Polish towns and cities in which they protest against the LGBT+ declaration.

«LGBT+ declaration infringes the rights of parents and the good of children in many ways. It constitutes a totalitarian interference of the state in the inviolability of the home,» the letter reads. 

The initiator of the letter is Mateusz Wichary, the head of the Baptist Union of Poland. Two weeks ago in Warsaw, EAL´s President Jan-Aage Torp was privileged to get to know Dr. Wichary.

Among the signatories of the Open Letter are Marek Kamiński, ther bishop of Poland´s Pentecostal Union, which is the largest Church in Poland outside the Roman Catholic Church. Kamiński is also the Chairman of Poland´s Evangelical Alliance, and Wichary is the former Chairman.

Five of the six executive committee members of the Evangelical Alliance have signed the Open Letter, indicating the broad support for Biblical ethical values in the Polish Church at large.

The three others of the executive committee who have signed in addition to Kamiński and Wichary are Cezary Komisarz (Evangelical Church of Poland), Andrzej Bajeński (Church of Christ) and Andrzej Jeziernicki (a charismatic Church of Christians of Gospel Faith).

The authors go on to criticise the sex education standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO), to which the declaration refers. «[The standards] sexualise children and give rise to attitudes that are naturally dormant. Children as young as four are being encouraged to masturbate and discover the joy and pleasure of touching their own body; 4-6 year olds to accept all kinds of sexual preferences. 6-9 year-olds are being told to accept sexual intercourse and love between persons of the same sex,» the letter reads further. 

The leaders of the churches say that persuading the young to accept positively presented homosexual activities in the phase of personality and sexual identity formation «can lead to life tragedies.» 

«Current reforms in the spirit of LGBT constitute an experiment the results of which do not look encouraging in Western Europe. Regardless of the moral judgement, the result may lead to the perishing of nations. It means that the project is unsustainable, because it cannot ensure stability through future generations.»  

«Christianity gave our country identity and values which allowed us to survive even the most difficult times. Can you imagine that the gender ideology could lead us through those moments?» the representatives of churches wrote. 

In the middle of February, Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, signed the LGBT+ declaration. It refers to activities in areas such as security, education, culture, sport, administration and work. In the field of education, the declaration proposes introducing the anti-discrimination and sexual education classes, including the issues of sexual and psychosexual identities, following the standards and recommendation of WHO. 

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