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«With one Hand on the Bible - and the other on a Newspaper»

German Peter Ischka - From the Media Mountain
Jan-Aage Torp
May 09, 2015

Peter & Britta Ischka are two of the innovative apostolic leaders in Europe today. We have presented Britta´s calling to the world of arts. But Peter´s ministry is equally exciting!

«With one Hand on the Bible - and the other on a Newspaper»The covers of "Z" magazine «With one Hand on the Bible - and the other on a Newspaper»Peter Ischka is the founding editor of "Z"-magazine - all in German

The Ischka´s live in Adelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, even though Peter is originally from Austria.

Peter was a leader in a cutting-edge Bible society for several years, but then the Lord directed his attention to the need for a cutting-edge magazine that impacts the secular German world.

- «Z» stands for the future (Zukunft). Seeing the development of society from the perspective of the Bible. The magazine is written in a language that is understood even by secular people. It is so profound that even people with another world view can deal with and think about, says Peter Ischka with noticable enthusiasm.

- But this information in the magazine actually causes Christians to get background information on the development of the world, which helps to distinguish mainstream news. This provides material for effective intercession. In some topics prophetic proclamations are «undercover» pronounced. It is «light in shadow», says Peter.

- People who (still) do not believe, but have not yet been totally established in their worldview, receive this magazine with competent articles, that will help to see things differently. If possible, it will help to open up for the faith in Jesus Christ. But Z is not primarily evangelistic tool, underscores the German editor.

Peter & Britta were enthusiastically involved in the ECAL European Vision & Fellowship Gathering in March, and have found friends and partners in Europe.

- Through Joe Mattera´s teaching, I was strongly encouraged to see a Bible oriented view of the world. In one hand the Bible, in the other a newspaper. The magazine «Z» has exactly this position, by the way, grins Peter.

I have now published twelve issues. Each magazine has a special thematic focus.

«The Future of Youth», «Big Fat Liar», «I only believe what I see», «Principles of Manipulation», «The Woman and Gender Mainstreaming», «The Position of the Family», «What scares», «Disease of Society», «What is THE Foundation»......

- One does not just make friends with such a work. A powerful lobby has strongly attacked me last year, says Peter Ischka.

- I now face the challenge to set this ministry on a better and more stable level. I have to face the digital future. All content must be available in digital format, and must work on all platforms. For that I need more strength in all areas. Manpower, financial strength, spiritual power. I can imagine that it will be purposeful to offer also an English version. It needs to have strong spiritual relationships to withstand the headwinds. It is a spiritual battle, to deal with the mountain of media. I would be glad if I can find some partners in ECAL, which can help in one way or another, that we can demonstrate the victory of our King on this mountain! says apostle Peter Ischka emphatically. An apostle on the Media Mountain.

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