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Participated in Parliamentary Hearing on «National Unity through Christian Identity»

October 17, 2018

After the Prayer Breakfast there was the debate on the theme «National Unity through Christian Identity». The meeting was chaired by Deputy Florica Chereches and president of the Ecumenical Prayer Group and Deputy Dumitru Mihalescul. Amongst the speakers were priests and representatives of the Romanian orthodox church, pastors of neo-protestant churches (baptist, Pentecostal, evangelical etc), NGO representatives, activists. Amongst the speakers were:  Catalin Vasile who explained more about the situation after the referendum and the way we have to continue, that we should not call for victims nor feel as heroes but to focus on the threats family policy is facing in Romania now. This was followed by Leo van Doesburg on the consequences of a politics of legalisation based on my ownexperiences in the Netherlands (and that the legalisation of sake sex marriage in the Netherlands led more and more to redefining family as is illustrated in the last report in 2016 of the Dutch State Committee on reevaluation parenthood.). After a discussion on the life after the referendum, got Frits Rouvoet the floor and told that this day also coincides with the international day against human trafficking and shared his personal thoughts as victims are also children of God. Gabyghita Bujdei raised the important question on how to make young people interested in these topics and to get them more involved in the threats against Christian values. Jan-Aage Torp encouraged the audience with the meetings he currently had in Romania and how he believes that there gonna be a change in Romania.

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