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Love and Vision Consultation

European Apostolic leaders meet in Athens
September 12, 2013

An historic gathering of Europe-wide apostolic leaders will take place in Athens, Greece on January 7th-10th, 2014, Europe Convenor Jan-Aage Torp announced today.

Love and Vision Consultation

- This is a part of an ongoing development to strengthen the fellowship, visionary awareness and unity of Europe-based apostolic leaders, states Jan-Aage Torp who is the Convenor of European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ECAL).

- The gathering is in a format of fellowship activities and consultations. We want to hear from God together, and hear from each other, says Torp who convenes the European apostolic leaders from the office in Oslo, Norway.

-  This gathering is for members of ECAL and special guests, by invitation only, he states. - Invitations are sent directly to each participant, and the consultation will not be publicly advertised.

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