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The Church is like Cinderella!

Jan-Aage Torp: The Kingdom without a Church?
November 14, 2013

- There is a growing tendency in the Body of Christ to bypass the local Church, as we are seeking societal transformation. Because we have forgotten what the Church is all about, we attempt to find other ways. We need to discover, like Cinderella, who we really are, stated Jan-Aage Torp in his presentation to the ICAL annual meeting on Wednesday.

The Church is like Cinderella! The Church is like Cinderella!Jan-Aage Torp speaking

- Many are attempting to experiment with alternative «Kingdom» structures, but this is a misunderstanding. God´s Kingdom was never meant to present a structure for fulfilment of the Creation Mandate nor the Great Commission. Jesus declared: «I will build my Church!» continued Jan-Aage Torp who is the Convenor for European Coalition of Apostles (ECA).

- We need a renewed understanding and appreciation of what the local church is, said Torp and listed: 1) The Ekklesia: The legislative community, 2) The Body of Christ: All limbs and parts fit together, 3) The Beautiful, Chosen Bride of Christ, 4) The missionary sending and receiving Church, 5) Served by the 5-fold gifts of Christ.

Torp then compared the Church to the fairy tale about Cinderella, who had forgotten who she was. - The Church in many ways also has amnesia, he said, and proclaimed that the apostolic Church is now arising on continent after continent. - We see now that the Church has started to fulfill her role in society.

Jan-Aage Torp shared testimonies about his own longing for the local church in times of trial and testing, and he encounters a growing number of people who seek the fellowship, vision and wholesomeness of the Church.

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