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In Zagreb!

August 26, 2013

Damir Šićko Alić came out of islam in Bosnia, and has for the past 20 years raised a 400 member church in Zagreb, Croatia with his wife Marija! Now their network encompasses 16 churches.

In Zagreb!Apostle Alić leading the church in Zagreb, with his wife Marija at his right side

The church, Rijec Zivota (=Word of Life) has a vibrant atmosphere, amid fiery praise and worship.

- We have now laid the foundations, and we sense that we are ready to really grow! declares the seasoned pastor Šićko, who together with his Marija leads a team of Croatians with a vision for the Balkans.

Marija is a leader in her own right, leading praise, worship and prayer in Zagreb and the movement as a whole. 

Jan-Aage & Aina Torp ministered in their churches in Varazdin, Sisak and Zagreb.

Behind the scenes, the Alić´s are a close-knit family living in a nice house in the Zagreb region. Their oldest son is now married, but a girl and two boys still live at home.

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