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Evangelicals are influencing Spain!

Sergio Zubillaga
October 10, 2013

Apostolic leader Sergio Zubillaga is not only the pastor of a growing church in Las Palmas on the Canary Islands, but he is even an influential Christian leader in Spain!

Evangelicals are influencing Spain!President of Fraternidad Pentecostal y Carismática de España, Sergio Zubillaga Evangelicals are influencing Spain!Spain

Zubillaga serves as the President of «Fraternidad Pentecostal y Carismática de España», which since 2006 has united 750 evangelical and charismatic churches all over Spain in initiatives for God´s Kingdom. FPCE is undoubtedly one of the most significant spiritual movements in this Roman Catholic nation.

- In Spain thare are today 3500 evangelical and charismatic churches of various theological and cultural backgrounds, explains Sergio Zubillaga. - Officially we are about 3 percent of the population, but realistically we are probably around half of that, he estimates conservatively.

- We have big challenges in Spain today, underscores Zubillaga. - However, as churches we have all the rights to function legally. From 1992 we (also the muslims and jews) have a special law to protect us. And it gave us in theory the same condition as the catholic church before the law. But evangelical media channels on tv and radio need to be given some clearer rights, he says. - We are progressing! Our churches are growing all over Spain!

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