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Europe´s North-Western Frontier

July 28, 2013

Kolbeinn Sigurðsson and his team at the House of Prayer («Bænahúsið») in Reykjavik, believe that their nation has a key role to play in the new reformation of Europe.

Europe´s North-Western FrontierElla & Kolbeinn Sigurðsson (photo: Jan-Aage Torp) Europe´s North-Western FrontierThe House of Prayer («Bænahúsið»)

Kolbeinn & Ella lead a House of Prayer that has been going since January 2006, and for several years Kolbeinn has been a part of the leadership team of «the Frederik Chapel group», a group of 30+ Church leaders in the Reykjavik area, encompassing every Christian movement from charismatic free churches to the Lutheran State Church. - We pray in unity and faith for our nation, for justice and blessing, for the Lord´s Name to be held holy, states the Icelandic apostolic leader, who was recruited to ICA in 2009 by Rwandese megachurch leader, Paul Gitwaza, who again was recruited by Norwegian Jan-Aage Torp in 2008, showing the versatility and trans-continental power of the modern day apostolic movement.

When Jan-Aage Torp ministered in the Republic of Iceland last weekend, he prophetically declared, in an adaptation of Micah 5:2, that «you, O Iceland, who are too little to be among the clans of Europe, from you shall come forth for me JESUS who is to be ruler in Europe, whose coming forth is from of old, from ancient days»!

Europe´s North-Western FrontierIceland

- There is an apostolic-prophetic destiny for this old viking nation! declared Jan-Aage. - We appreciate that Iceland is the North-Western frontier of Europe, he said.

Kolbeinn Sigurðsson is passionate about Europe and the world, having ministered on numerous occasions in Africa. Now he looks forward to be an integral part of a team of apostolic leaders in Europe. 

Kolbeinn´s daughter in law, Tinna Björk Kristinsdóttir, translating for Jan-Aage Torp last weekend (photo: Ólafur Magnús Ólafsson)
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