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Providing Education with Dignity

Education is a human right!
May 28, 2014

25 years ago, Middle East migrant Samuel Lee came to Amsterdam. He met Jesus and his wife, earned double doctorates in sociology and theology, and now he is providing dignified higher education to the migrants and the poor!

Providing Education with DignityJan-Aage Torp and Samuel Lee together at the Foundation University office in Southeast Amsterdam

Samuel Lee (44) was called to the ministry of Christ as a spiritual birthday present. He has since functioned worldwide as an evangelist, pastor, apostle, teacher and educator. But he is really first and foremost a friend of the migrants.

Recently, he was labelled by the Dutch magazine «Good2013» of the Tear Fund as a millionaire - not in fiscal power, but in good deeds. He was named together with some of his greatest heroes: Mother Teresa and Desmond Tutu.

Samuel & Sarah Lee have three beautiful children, two boys and a girl. Sarah is Korean-born, and the daughter of a Baptist minister. She loves to run her own business.

Samuel loves balanced Christianity: - I am fed-up with the extremes, especially within charismatic Christianity, he tells me. 

Apart from leading the JCF (Jesus Christ Foundation) Church in Southeast Amsterdam, gathering some 300 people every Sunday, primarily from Africa and the Philippines, Samuel is the Founder and President of Foundation University, with top-level European accreditation.  - Our focus is on migrants and the poor, says Dr. Lee. - We believe that education is a human right.

The school offers certificates, bachelors and masters in theology, biblical studies, leadership, ministry and more. The courses are offered on campus in Amsterdam, but are especially geared to online studies. More than 200 are already graduated, and now 250 are pursuing various degrees.

The distinctives of Foundation University are a concentration on Human Rights, and another on Social Justice. - We train people to be able to function as advocates and lobbyists in the media, the courts, the bureaucracy etc. 

- To me, church political positions mean nothing, maintains Samuel Lee. - My passion is to serve the migrants!

Samuel Lee is the President and Founder of Foundation University
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