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Destiny and Purpose at Zagreb Prayer Conference

September 16, 2014
Destiny and Purpose at Zagreb Prayer ConferenceJasmin Avgadic and John Mulinde

GAP Church network of Croatia hosts this week an European Prayer Conference, modelled after Africamp in Kampala, Uganda. Host pastor Jasmin Avgadic states that «Europe is the cradle of Christianity - but new generations must know God's power! That´s why we have this conference».

Destiny and Purpose at Zagreb Prayer ConferenceConsecrated and jubilant praise tonight

400 people from Croatia, interspersed with participants from some other European nations as well, are gathered for this prayer conference, which is held for the fourth year in a row, together with the Ugandan spiritual general and prayer leader, John Mulinde.

Mulinde underscored that «God is the God of the remnant! So there is hope for Europe as long as there are some earnest believers who call upon the Lord!» he declared. Mulinde challenged the prayer conference to see the longterm perspectives: «Prayer for Europe is not for a night, but we are praying for the long haul!» He warned against the serious efforts of muslims to overtake France, Britain & other nations as well. «In Marseille, there are so many muslims now that Arabic is the most spoken language, surpassing French!»

The rest of the prayer conference will have a teaching emphasis on understanding God´s destiny for individuals, entities, nations, and the continent of Europe, and understanding the purposes of God.

There was both jubilation and consecration praise in the opening meeting tonight as the congregation sought God together, and there was fervent prayer.

The GAP Church network is a house church movement led by the Sibernik-based attorney at law, Jasmin Avgadic, and his young team. This network was started some 15 years ago, and is solidly rooted in evangelical charismatic theology and practice, keeping close ties with the Evangelical Pentecostal Church of Croatia, led by Damir Spoljaric, and other Christian movements as well.

ECAL Convenor Jan-Aage Torp is happy to participate in the conference, while also having meetings with spiritual and societal leaders in the Croatian capital this week.

John Mulinde with his translator tonight
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