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Church and Media Hub for Spain

Jan-Aage Torp
March 06, 2015

I have been on a 24 hour mission in Spain to meet with some national apostolic leaders. One of them is Samuel Justo of Rio de Vida in the Alicante area. What an amazing apostolic work that Samuel & Raquel are doing!

Church and Media Hub for SpainSamuel at the fruits section of the feeding program

Six churches in the Alicante-Torrevieja region that gather 1000 people on Sunday morning. Main sanctuary is 40% Spanish, 40% Latino, 15% UK+++.

24/7 TV station and two radio channels, all with heavy focus on discipleship and evangelical perspectives on life and society.
Feeding programs to 100s who have been hit hard during a 7 year financial crisis.

It all started in 1996 when Samuel led a man to Christ on the Alicante beach. 

This is an APOSTOLIC work!


Samuel & Raquel Justo
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