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Letter from Chuck Pierce: A New Sound of Release for Norway and Beyond!

January 15, 2016

We have just now received an exciting letter from Chuck Pierce to all his connections in Europe about his visit to Oslo, Norway on January 20th.

Dear Overcomers:

In just a few days, I will be traveling internationally once again.  January is typically a month when I travel many thousands of miles, and this year is no exception.  As you can see from my schedule below, I will be in Oslo next Wednesday evening.  For some time now, the Lord has been stirring me to return to the Scandinavian nations to speak into the atmosphere and declare a new alignment of Heaven and Earth.  Particularly with the news reports of how societies are changing rapidly, I felt a call to help mobilize the Triumphant Reserve with a new measure of faith for the season ahead.  

This is our month to continue declaring that our blessings are on the way!  I look forward to joining many of you next Wednesday night at 6 PM for a gathering hosted by Jan-Aage Torp at the American Lutheran Church in Oslo (Fritzners Gate 15).  If you cannot join us that evening, please pray for a clarity of sound, worship and revelation, and that the Glory of the Lord will manifest in a fresh way in Norway and the entire region.  


Chuck D. Pierce

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