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Helping build Serbia

In Church and Parliament
January 31, 2015

Jan-Aage Torp is off to Serbia on February 6-11 to help build God´s Kingdom in the nation with such a rich heritage. 

Helping build SerbiaViktor Sabo (left) and Vladimir Marinkovic (right)


On Friday 6th-Sunday 8th, Jan-Aage will minister in the Evangelical-Pentecostal Church of Subotica, pastored by Viktor Sabo, a Hungarian-Serb.

- I have known brother Viktor since 2002 when he was among the apostolic leaders that I invited to the ICA Europe summit in Norway which I hosted with Dr. C. Peter Wagner. He made a real impression. But because of my own challenges in life, I lost contact with him. But suddenly I met him again in the summer of 2014 in the mountains of Hercegovina at a men´s conference. It was precious indeed, says Jan-Aage, who says that Viktor Sabo is recognized as the leading apostolic-pentecostal person in the nation of Serbia.

- Serbia needs stability and wisdom as the apostolic and charismatic leaders seek to lay solid foundations for a nation that has gone through so much turmoil, and I know that Viktor is a leader for such a time as this, states Jan-Aage Torp.

An added dimension of Jan-Aage´s ministry visit in Subotica is the Hungarian background of Viktor Sabo: - I have had a sense of calling to the Hungarian people since the 1980´s, and during the last 18 months in Oslochurch, we have received two families into our church who are Hungarians living in Oslo. I love the relationships that are developing between nations that will even bring blessing to the people of Hungary, says Jan-Aage.

On Tuesday 10th, Viktor and Jan-Aage have been invited to the Serbian Parliament in Belgrade by the Deputy Speaker, Dr. Vladimir Marinkovic, who is a devout believer in Christ.

- I met Dr. Marinkovic in Brussels in December for the European Parliament´s Prayer breakfast, and he invited me to Belgrade, says Jan-Aage Torp who has also been invited to meet the Serbian Ambassador to Norway at their Oslo Embassy before he goes to Subotica and Belgrade. Ambassador Milan Simurdic and Jan-Aage met for the first time in September at the state visit to Norway of Estonia´s President, Dr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

- My hope and desire is to help to strengthen the evangelical-pentecostal movement in Serbia, and to find ways to connect them even more with Europe and the world. Undoubtedly, Viktor Sabo and Vladimir Marinkovic are outstanding men of God! I am privileged to serve them!

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