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Bewegen2017 - Moving into the 5-fold

April 18, 2017

On May 26th-28th, the BEWEGEN17 gathering takes place in Göppingen in the German region Baden-Württemberg, hosted by Mission is Possible, led by Austrian-born apostolic leaders, Peter & Britta Ischka, who have lived in Southern Germany for decades.

Bewegen2017 - Moving into the 5-fold- Our vision is to release and empower the 5-fold in the German world, which hardly has seen this dimension of servant leadership in action, said Peter Ischka in his presentation at the 4th Annual Love & Vision Gathering of European Apostolic Leaders in Legnica, Poland just before Passover. - We want to help move churches and ministers into a 5-fold mindset, including all 5 offices of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher, said Peter Ischka - not just the apostle and prophet.

Peter is the founding editor of the apologetics periodical "Z", which seeks to present Biblical truth to the unchurched Germans in secular lingo, whereas Britta works in the visual arts.

Keynote speakes at BEWEGEN17 are Ian McCormack, the London-pastor who was raised from the dead many years ago, EAL executive committee member George Markakis, Gunther Hess and Andreas Schultz.

Peter Ischka expects participants from the German nations and communities in Europe.

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