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"Barnevernet" is an utterly evil business, says Norwegian

January 17, 2016

Cecilie Bedsvaag, a Master of Business Administration and soon-to-be Lawyer from Oslo University, has made a strong statement in the comment field of the European Apostolic Leaders web page.

"Barnevernet" is an utterly evil business, says NorwegianAccording to her Twitter account, Ms Bedsvaag has a commitment to political justice in human rights, legal security, refugees, and "barnevern".

Ms Bedsvaag states:

- No one is treated "in a just and good way" by the Norwegian barnevernet. Neither goodness nor justness is involved when barnevernet remove children from the parents. It is an utterly evil business. Unfortunately the Norwegian public is not aware of what is going on. The whole process is performed in secrecy. People mistakenly think children are removed only when necessary. This is far from the truth. The Bodnariu family's ordeal is not unique. Lots of Norwegian families have had the same hellish experience. The children are taken without warning. It is a war against families.

Mărturia unei norvegience despre un caz similar cu cel al familiei Bodnariu
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