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Apostolic Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurs

Learn, earn and return
Günther Hess
April 30, 2015

Since I became a member of ECAL, my ministry has more than accelerated. The words in my last article have become really prophetic: «It is time to connect internationally.» God answered my prayer and connected me with important international opportunities. I am thankful to the ECAL leaders who have encouraged me in this learning curve. The opportunities are so big that I want to share them with the ECAL community.

Apostolic Opportunities for Social EntrepreneursA church following a webinar in Rwanda.

Strategic Philanthropy for Investors, Social Enterprises and Start-ups

Peter Wagner writes in his latest book «The Great Transfer of Wealth»: «Multiplying kingdom philanthropists is an important step in advancing God´s kingdom in our days.» 

Kings Counsel and Trust is such a tool in the hands of God and is at the cutting edge in the area of strategic philanthropy, putting theory into practical projects since 2005. Since April I have been a family member of Kings Counsel and Trust (KCT) with the responsibility to organize prayer for the various Kingdom projects family members.

To optimize the probability of long-term success KCT believes relationships are the currency of the Kingdom and employs specific processes to better connect equally-yoked relationships and strategic philanthropy opportunities. The connectivity of KCT relationships spans more than 50 countries, hundreds of registered users, and even more «Friends of Family» with a privileged list of vetted Opportunities with disruptive technologies that could potentially impact the lives of billions! 

Here is the opportunity: I invite you to become an apostolic prayer ambassador and to present your Kingdom project.

International Webinars: «CROSS POLLINATION will happen in your ministry»

Apostolic Opportunities for Social EntrepreneursWebinar in Rwanda.

Someone gave me this prophecy shortly before we started to plan a webinar about discipleship and church planting. Originally we planned the webinar only for South Africa.  At the end at least 10 nations on 4 continents were part of the event. Among other things in Rwanda 13 new house churches started after the event. 

Ever since we have done one international webinar after the next: For example a leadership conference in Pakistan, international webinars about prayer, etc. After this experience I am really convinced that webinars are the #1 online marketing, teaching and connecting tool – bar none.

Here is the opportunity: Cross Pollination can also happen for your ministry. To selected ministries we offer the opportunity to be hosted on our webinar platform by our support team.

I am looking forward to network with you and helping to give birth to new strategic ideas. Like I said in the ECAL-conference in Portugal: «As a team we will make much better and more strategic decisions.» 

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Webinar in Pakistan
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