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Conference in Adelberg, Germany: «Healing of the Prophetic»

October 31, 2018
Conference in Adelberg, Germany: «Healing of the Prophetic»

On November 1st-4th, Peter Ischka of Adelberg, Germany is hosting a conference entitled BEWEGEN18 on «Heilung des Prophetischen» («Healing of the Prophetic»). The speakers are George E. Markakis (Athens, Greece), Günther Hess (Berlin, Germany), and Ischka himself. All three have been connected to EAL for several years.

The subtitle of BEWEGEN18 is «Wie umgehen mit einem ´taubstummen´ Geist?» («How to deal with a ´deaf-mute´ Spirit?»).

Ischka hosted a similar conference last year, BEWEGEN17, and told the EAL Annual Gahering in 2017 about the initiative:

- Our vision is to release and empower the 5-fold in the German world, which hardly has seen this dimension of servant leadership in action. We want to help move churches and ministers into a 5-fold mindset, including all 5 offices of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher - not just the apostle and prophet, underscored Peter Ischka.

Peter is the founding editor of the apologetics periodical «Z», which seeks to present Biblical truth to the unchurched Germans in secular lingo.

He is publishing George Markakis´ book «When is Jesus coming back» in German, and it will be launched at the conference that begins tomorrow in Adelberg.

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