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Samuel Lee another Speaker at Oslo 2016

«Blessed Migrants - Answering the European Refugee Call»
December 21, 2015

Dr. Samuel Lee will be a keynote speaker at the 3rd European Fellowship & Vision Gathering in Oslo on March 29th-April 1st, 2016.

Samuel Lee another Speaker at Oslo 2016Jan-Aage and Samuel together at Foundation University in 2014Samuel Lee is born and raised in the Middle East and came with his family to the Netherlands almost 30 years ago. He is married to Sarah Lee, who is born and raised in South Korea in a Baptist pastor family.

-We have asked Samuel to speak on «Blessed Migrants - Answering the European Refugee Call», which fits right into his practical and academic expertise, says Jan-Aage Torp. -We aim to launch a task force to assess and develop our approach to the European refugee situation.

Samuel Lee another Speaker at Oslo 2016Samuel preaching in Oslo in 2006, translated by Jan-AageSamuel Lee was the founder of Dutch Network of Apostles (DNA) in 2005, which was connected to International Coalition of Apostles (ICA), but which was discontinued in 2011. Samuel and Jan-Aage have been close friends since 2002.

Samuel Lee is the Founder and President of Foundation University which offers online, top-level, accredited degree programs in theology, social sciences, and human rights, with a special emphasis on free studies for migrants who cannot afford classical education, due to economic, political or religious reasons in the country of origin. Samuel Lee has a double doctorate, the last PhD from the Free University of Amsterdam. He is member of various Christian and Scientific associations such as:  Association of Christian Sociologist, Japan Sociological Society (University of Tokyo), Japan Evangelical Mission Association (JEMA) and many other institutions. 

Samuel Lee is the pastor of Jesus Christ Foundation Churches, evangelist, and sociologist, known for his challenging message on reforming Pentecostalism and for advocating justice for migrants. His latest book is called A New Kind of Pentecostalism, Promoting Dialogue for Change! He has also authored several other books such as “Soldier of the Cross”, “Anointed for Calling”, “Father”, “Journey with Paul”, “Blessed Migrants”, “Understanding Japan through the Eyes of Christian Faith” and “Rediscovering Japan, Reintroducing Christendom”.

In 2007 Samuel Lee went through an important transformation in his ministry. He realized that preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with prosperity gospel, showmanship, glamour and outward prestige. He realized that the heart of God is with the poor, the suffering. Since then for Samuel Lee, it was not the success of his ministry that counted but serving the people for whom Christ gave His life.  Now, Samuel Lee advocates dialogue and fellowship between different Christian denominations and fellowships. Since June 2012, Samuel Lee is the member of the steering committee of the Dutch National Synod, s synod initiated by the Protestant Church of the Netherlands to promote unity, dialogue and discussion among various Church traditions and denominations in the Netherlands.

Jan-Aage Torp flanked by Sarah & Samuel Lee in 2007.
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