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The 2nd "European Fellowship & Vision Gathering" in Lisbon

March 24th-27th
January 25, 2015

Jan-Aage Torp, the ECAL Convenor says: -When I received the convenorship of ECAL in July 2013, I was impressed by the Lord to bring European apostolic leaders together for annual gatherings, and that the first four gatherings would be at the four corners of Europe. 

The 2nd "European Fellowship & Vision Gathering" in Lisbon From the 1st Vision Gathering in Athens in January 2014: (left to right) Antonio & Carla Melo, Jan-Aage & Aina Torp-In January 2014, Athens, Greece was the first - Southeast. I am convinced that Athens was a historic gathering with eternal consequences for the Apostolic Movement in Europe.
-For 2015, I sought out Reykjavik, Iceland as the next - Northwest, but sadly that was premature because of the costs involved. 

-However, we have now concluded, after considering some good options, that Lisbon, Portugal will be the place for our next Gathering, decares Jan-Aage Torp enthusiastically. -The venue is the historic and magnificent Hotel do Sado in Setubal, 32 kilometers southeast of Lisbon.
The 2nd "European Fellowship & Vision Gathering" in Lisbon Setubal is 32 kilometers southeast of LisbonThe full package cost for our Gathering is 350 Euros per person, everything included! This includes 3 nights in double room, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches. 3 dinners, 8 hour sightseeing and apostolic tour of Lisbon, airport transfers, meeting facilities, free wifi & much more. The price is 350 Euros when paid in full by february 28th. From March 1st the full price is 400 Euros. There is an added cost of 30 Euros for single room (total 380/430). The Gathering is by invitation only, underscores Jan-Aage.

-We are privileged to have Bishop Joe Mattera of New York as our keynote speaker. He is a key voice for the emerging 4R global vision of ICAL: Restoration - Reconciliation - Revival - Reformation, says Jan-Aage Torp.

Jan-Aage adds: -Aina & I are delighted that our Lisbon co-hosts are Antonio & Carla Melo, this beautiful apostle couple that we love dearly. Thank you for receiving us all for this historic Gathering in your home city, Antonio & Carla! We are equally delighted that Ruben & Analuiza Melo are our administrative hosts, and will be responsible for the worship in the sessions. Ruben is simply very, very able in every way!

-Needless to say, we are very excited about the coming Gathering in Lisbon! exclaims Jan-Aage Torp.

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