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Working Groups

March 24, 2015

Right from the beginning of the Annual Gathering. all 55 participants have been organized into groups.

Working GroupsJan-Aage Torp gives the mike to group leader Damir Spoljaric for one of his excellent group reports to the plenary sessions.Convenor Jan-Aage Torp announced the groups in the opening session tonight, and underscored that these groups would have a real role in the gathering: -So often charismatic leadership meetings amount to very little, but we want to ensure that everyone is taken seriously, and that the discussions are presented fully. This is a working meeting, but the groups will serve as a tool to build relationships as well.

The 5 group leaders are: Hans Sundberg (Sweden), Günther Hess (Germany), Damir Spoljaric (Croatia), George Markakis (Greece), and Ruben Melo (Portugal).

The group led by George Markakis
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