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Apostolic Commissioning for Italy

January 09, 2014

On Thursday evening, a special act of apostolic commissioning was performed by Portugal Apostle Antonio Melo.

Apostolic Commissioning for ItalyCarla & Antonio Melo commissioning Giovani Apolinario & Cristiane Furioni, assisted by Beatriz Martins (to the left)-ECAL does not commission apostles, Convenor Jan-Aage Torp stated as he gave the stage to Antonio Melo. -But our friend Antonio Melo has asked that he be allowed to commission the apostolic couple Giovani Apolinario & Cristiane Furioni, who have raised several churches in the Verona-area of Northen Italy, Antonio has asked that we all come along side him as he performs this act, under his apostolic covering, and then afterwards I will welcome Giovani & Cristiane as members of ECAL, said Torp.

Apostolic Commissioning for ItalyAntonio Melo congratulates Cristiane FurioniThe commissiong was a moving ceremony. Antonio Melo was assisted by his wife Carla, and by Rome-apostles Roberto & Breatriz Martins, as well as all the apostolic leaders in the room.

Antonio Melo anoints Giovani Apolinario & Cristiane Furioni with oil
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