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Apostolic Restoration

January 10, 2014

Antonio & Carla Melo presented a plenary introduction on Friday morning on "Apostolic Restoration in Europe", followed by prophetic ministry and prayer. The following is an article that Carla & Antonio Melo previously have published on our website, and which is an expanded version of what they said in their plenary introduction in Athens:

Apostolic RestorationCarla & Antonio Melo (to the left), Aina & Jan-Aage Torp, and Ana & Ruben MeloRestoration is a principle presented in biblical Scriptures. At sunrise of a Messianic infant Church, in Pentecost Day, when the Ap. Peter boldly and full of the Holy Spirit addressed the crowd (Acts 2:19-21), he said in his speech, that God would "restore all things", and that the culmination of this total and complete restoration, would bring Messiah back to earth, to His people, to establish His Kingdom. This restoration does not belong to any human institution or denomination; it’s in the absolute and supernatural control of God. It is infallible and was recorded in true discourse of the biblical prophets of old; it’s happening right in our days, before our eyes.

One of the principles that reward such restoration is found in Isaiah 56:9-10, where by the voice of the prophet, God reveals His unchanging mind, that everything will return to the beginning; the beginning reveals the end, the end leads us to the beginning, and therefore, as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end.

Apostolic RestorationAntonio MeloIt is therefore understandable that the Church in Jerusalem, who was born Apostolic, in our days, the Spirit filled Church, has been rewarded returning back to her old call, biblical model and ministry. When in the early centuries of the Christian era the Roman empire intercepted the Church of Jerusalem, usurped from her this column, looking to replace her in the world for many centuries. The rapidly fulfilling prophecies, the urgency of rescuing spiritually lives in all the nations, the need for building up and maturing of the Bride of the Messiah, the move of God's clock, demanded in this century, the rescue and return of the Apostolic ministry. It’s not new, new fashion or Church invention; it´s a restitution from the past.

Under this decree of "restoration of all things," God has created on every continent and nation the necessary conditions to separate, call and equip men and women for the Apostolate. Today, there is in the Body of Christ greater awareness and place that permits to embrace this ministry, prior to the others. It has emerged in good time to deal with the spiritual, moral and social threats facing the Church, in an increasingly and fierce spiritual warfare of our days, to command and strength the army of God in nations and continents.

Because the Great Commission of Jesus is global, because He commissioned His Church to return Him nations, (and these are the end days), today it is imperative that in every nation there may be Apostles, who work on every continent by an effective Apostolic network in order to preserve, strengthen, protect and extend the Kingdom of God on earth.

It is estimated that Western Europe is today the continent most cauterized by Humanism, more resistant to the Gospel, with a lower rate of Christians and points of Bible preaching. The great evangelists and ministries of intercession, today, begin to look at this reality in the European Continent, as a giant to win, an urgent challenge to regain lost territories.

We believe because of God’s goodness and mercy, He has not given up Europe, and for His anointing and holy will, we still have the chance to rewrite our History. The prophetic voice in this continent has not ceased and there are in Heaven countless prayers of the saints (past and present) in our behalf, which on time, will enhance our nations and bring forth revival. In the past, Europe resisted the lies, persecutions and saw her sons becoming martyrs for Christ. The same precious Continent will again and soon, will raise up her voice to be heard, raise up her heart to resist and proclaim the Gospel in our days.

Because also in Europe and for Europe, God is restoring and strengthening the Apostolic ministry, because today we are equipping, organizing and strengthening ourselves in unity, the Lord will do great things for us and through us. Europe needs Apostles, Europe needs us!

Speaking about Portugal, our nation, we are encouraged by an apostolic and prophetic decree from God that we care and declare: "Portugal are a gateway to the revival in Europe".

The many wonders we've seen and experienced from God, leads us to believe that we still have much to receive and live for Him. May we all be wise, steadfast, faithful Apostles and worthy of the ministry that we represent and have received from the Lord Jesus, sustained by the promise that with Him, we all shall do much great exploits!

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