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Special Presentations

January 10, 2014

There were special 10 minute presentations in Athens by Markus Rapp, Gerhard Hobelman, Elin Riegel and Saverio Corsini.

Special PresentationsMarkus Rapp giving his presentationMarkus Rapp presented his advancing curriculum for apostolic education in a European context. Markus Rapp is the European Special PresentationsGerhard HobelmanDirector for International School of Ministry (ISOM), and is based in Berlin, Germany.

Gerhard Hobelman presented Betteld, a Holland-based training and conference center in Betteld.

Special PresentationsSaverio CorsiniElin Riegel is a Norwegian-born Spanish Apostle who directs Interna-tional Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) for Spain, as well as spearheading ICCC initiatives in Europe and the Hispanic world. She resides in Altea, Spain.

Saverio Corsini is an Italian Apostle from Bari in Southern Italy. He presented his innovative church ministry with a focus on their prais and worship.

Elin Riegel giving her presentation
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