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Our Vision and Purpose

Convenor Jan-Aage Torp
January 07, 2014

Our Vision and PurposeAina & Jan-Aage Torp welcome 35 apostles from 15 nationsECAL Convening Apostle Jan-Aage Torp gave the welcome message in the opening session on Tuesday evening of the 1st European Apostolic Fellowship and Vision Consultation.  Aina & Jan-Aage Torp welcomed all 35 ECAL participants, and declared the consultation for open.

-Who is European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders for? asked Jan-Aage Torp, and he gave the answer: -For apostles who want to achieve great things in Europe! God´s plan is to establish His Kingdom in all spheres of society: Business, Government, Media, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Religion and Family. Our vision is no less than this: In every one of Europe´s 50 nations, and in Europe-wide structures such as the European Union, we seek to influence society, led by the Holy Spirit! We are not apostles for the sake of positions, but to serve God in Europe! Our continent is where Apostle Paul came to proclaim God´s Kingdom, and within 300 years the Roman Empire had been turned upside down. After centuries with backsliding, Luther and Calvin led a reformation, and great movements of renewal, revival are restoration have been birthed in Europe within missions, prayer, societal transformation etc. There is tremendous power when apostles come together to achieve great things and do great acts for God. We believe that God wants His Kingdom to expand into every nation, and God will help us to unite apostles in every nation! declared the Norwegian Convening Apostle.

-ECAL is part of something great, the New Apostolic Reformation. We are part of a world movement of apostles that is the fastest growing segment of Christendom worldwide. We are not doing this alone, but with the worldwde Church of God, said Convening Apostle Jan-Aage Torp, who also explained that ECAL is not an authority structure: -We are a coalition of peer-level apostolic leaders who combine our wisdom, resources and giftings to establish God´s Kingdom in the nations of the world. As an organization we have structures, protocol and principles, but each member of ECAL has our primary ministry and accountablity in different churches, ministries, networks, organizations, denominations and structures. But in ECAL we build fellowship, relationships, and clarify vision and strategies that unite us! We have embarked on a journey together, and this consultation in Athens is just the first of many to come. And we will establish vibrant, viable, durable, lasting and efficient coalitions of apostolic leaders in every nation of Europe. That is our main strategy. Even though we are proud Europeans, within or outside the European Union, our main identity is not European, but our diversified nations. ECAL will always work to build strong National Coalitions! declared the ECAL Convenor.

From the Hesperides Conference Room in Hotel Aquamarina
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