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Prophetic Words

January 07, 2014

Prophetic WordsYiorgos MarkakisOn the opening night of the consultation, several prophetic words were presented, among others by Evi & Yiorgos Markakis.

Evi Markakis presented a word about God calling the apostolic leaders who are gathered here to a place of intimacy with HIM.

Yiorgos Markakis presented a word, stating the following:

"I have summoned you here because I want to speak to you; both individually and corporately; about the future. I want to show you my plans so that you may work with me to make my plans happen (on earth as it is in heaven). A new and different Europe is arising. There will be new people living in the land, and there will be a different spiritual atmosphere. Europe can change so much that the Kingdom of Jesus has saturated every aspect of social life!"

Other words were spoken about the need to do practical work of/for the Kingdom, and that this is very serious and important, and that we have the responsibility to follow through to completion.

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