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Prayer for the Nations of Europe

Kolbeinn Sigurdsson
January 09, 2014

Prayer for the Nations of EuropeKolbeinn Sigurdsson presenting his plenary introductionKolbeinn Sigurdsson presented a plenary introduction on Thursday afternoon on "Prayer for the Nations of Europe", followed by the most forthright and exciting plenary discussion of the Athens consultation.

Pray for the Nations of Europe:

1. Revival of the Word and the Spirit.

2. Transformation in politics, New law in favor to God and the people of God, and toward Israel.

3. God will raise up apostles in Europe along with the people of prayer day and night with the spirit of tabernacle of David.  Forerunners that are radical and influenced with the prophetic spirit because that gives fuel to the prayer.

4. People that know the importance of lifting up the name of the LORD.  If we lift up His name, He will draw all people into His presence.

5. Baal will be taken down in Europe, the spirit of money and the system that Europe is married to.  Breaking the covenant with money systems of Baal, that has taken our children, the morality, and that has released greed with the bank system at the frontlines.  

The Symbol of Baal is the bull, symbol both of strength and fertility.  Baal is god of covenants.

The story of the princess EUROPA that took a ride on the bull's back, but the bull raped here.

The European Union is based on the rule of law. This means that every action taken by the EU is founded on treaties that have been approved voluntarily and democratically by all EU member countries

The propthetic word that came to me for ECAL2014:

"Awake and arise Europe!  Now is the time to rise up, this is a kairos time of God to show us how we take down the covenant of Baal over Europe and how to build up a new covenant of God for Europe.  With ECAL there is a new beginning for Europe and we are like in the delivery room to deliver a baby." From that God gave me the word in 1Kings 18 to show us the stragedy to work on this.

1Kings 18

The Lord told Elijah to arise and show himself to Akab the king of Israel and confronting this spirit of Baal. Elijah took down the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, Carmel means: A planted field (garden, vineyard or park); by implication garden produces: - a fruitful field (place), heart of the people.

Elijah said with the people of Israel to draw near to him and he rebuilt the altar of the LORD Yahweh from 12 stones and and made a channel or a trench around the alter.  He sacrifaced the bull and put it on the alter and they poured 12 barrels of water on the sacrifice, but the fire had to come from God.

12 speaks of govermental power of apostles, water is for the revelation or the rhema word of God, and the fire is the Holy Spirit.

Now is a appointed time of God to rise up and be visible in our countries, and to show ourselves to the key of opinion leaders in politics, because God is going to give us strategies and a word to change our nations and Europe!  

Kolbeinn Sigurdsson presenting his plenary introduction
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