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The Power and Purpose of the Local Church

Emilio Sevilla
January 08, 2014

The Power and Purpose of the Local ChurchEmilio Sevilla making his plenary introductionEmilio Sevilla presented a plenary introduction on Wednesday afternoon on "The Power and Purpose of the Local Church", followed by work in groups, prayer and prophetic ministry.

Mt. 16:19,  I will give you the keys…….  Mt. 28:19, Go and make disciples of all nations. 

POWER.  There are churches with a lot of purpose but express little power, and there are churches that express much power but little purpose. Both need to be part of each other and work together. 

POWER Is related to our strengths and weaknesses. When we talk about power, we should ask ourselves questions such as: In which way has God equipped us as a ministry? 

*What are our strong areas and What are our weak ones? Abilities? Gifts? What can we learn from others? What can we bring to serve us from other congregations or ministries? How can we strengthen this areas? All POWER has been given to us.


PURPOSE. Means being Strategic, intentional and Planning. Brings meaning to what we do. It is objective, and helps us to evaluate everything we do. Brings also identity and helps us to focus on our vision. Hab. 2:2. Our people find identity and destiny in our purpose, and they can understand the dealings of God and attacks in their lives. 

We equip people in that purpose, and to decide how we equip them, but also what type of structure we will have and what modifications we will do in the future. What type of leaders? ("Leader" is not a biblical word.) What leaders we will raise and where and when we will put our emphasis. 

PURPOSE. Helps us to understand times and seasons (A shepherd never takes the sheep out of seasons), and moves of the Holy Spirit, also helps us to understand the spiritual attacks that we will have and face. Through purpose we let our people know the price to pay and the blessings that will come. 

  1. Through bringing purpose, we empower people. We don´t empower people for the sake of having people with great power but no purpose. That is not biblical. When the Holy Spirit came down in Acts, the purpose had been already set in place. Go and make disciples (that was the purpose).
  2. QUESTION: Name an open door that shows God´s confirmation on your purpose?


  1. LOCAL. Means to be influential and testimonial. Understanding culture, systems, laws, government, idolatry, spiritual oppression. It means understanding the concepts when CHURCH is Family (father), when is Body (Apostle), When is Army (General). Analyzing the different zones of the town (gates of hell are?) & being influential in every area represented: Education, Business, Arts, Family, Government, Media, Religion etc. It means to equip, not teach only, but to equip for teamwork our people with the mentality of being professional, To study, To be relational.
  2. To see the town as our pulpit without telling them who we are, but provoking them to ask us!!! Because of the way we run every area mentioned before, We can´t think locally only with healing, prophesying, casting out demons. We need to influence, being practical and professional. We need to have statistics, and know where the gates of hell are. The harvest is ready, Jesus said so. 
  3. Question. Where is the harvest ready in your town?

CHURCH vs EKKLESIA. Church is religion, ekklesia is the general assembly. We should dictate and decree what happens in our town. First in the spiritual realm and afterwards in the visible. We need to position our Intercessors, they need to know the gifts they have to hear from God, and we need to bring them occasionally to a time of making decrees, not only proclamations. My town is the way it is because the ekklesia is still a church! 

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