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The Next Generation in Europe

Catherine Brown
January 08, 2014

Catherine Brown presented a plenary introduction on Wednesday morning on "The Next Generation in Europe", followed by work in groups.

The Next Generation in EuropeCatherine Brown presenting her topic in a plenary sessionShe stated that "Global Reformation must include the mission of Fatherhood".

-God’s government and His fatherhood are not be separated (Is 9:6-7) Apostles are finishers. In this end time dispensation of grace we must know that we are sent as apostolic fathers to raise an end-time Kingdom generation, she said.

Catherine Brown continued: -The next generation of Europe are facing innumerable challenges but perhaps the greatest of all is that the devil is determined to decimate God’s position as Father and is committed to the destruction of the family unit to prevent the outworking of the cultural (dominion) mandate of Genesis 1 in all the earth. Secularism, paganism, satanism, humanism, homosexuality all have a common agenda -  destruction of the image of God as Father. It is an end-time apostolic mission to reveal the Father’s love.

Questions for the groups to consider:

  1. How do we engage the youth of Europe with the Gospel message?
  2. How do we create Kingdom communities for young people to people to in Europe?
  3. How do we train/equip the next generation, especially identifying potential leaders?
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