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Prophetic Insight 2016

- with the European Apostolic movement in mind
George E. Markakis
31. December 2015

We asked George E. Markakis of Athens, Greece to write what he hears that the Lord is saying for 2016. Here is what the Lord told him and his wife Evi:

Prophetic Insight 2016


Recently the European Coalition of Apostolic Leaders was renamed into European Apostolic Leaders, reflecting a change in international relations and direction, becoming a more Europe-centered and focused movement, with certain distinct characteristics that are not necessarily part of the international apostolic movement in other nations. 

Even though it is natural that real-life changes have the power to affect how we think and perceive things, it is my belief that the prophetic insight that follows here below is NOT a reflection of these real-life circumstances; rather, what I write here is a reflection of what I “see” in the Spirit and what was downloaded into my heart as I sought the Lord about the new season ahead.

Often the circumstances in real-life are a reflection of the moves of God, which we are called to perceive as Kingdom strategies, and, draw further insight for adjustment and direction, as we seek to become aligned with what we see the Lord doing. In that light, a hindsight prophetic insight may be as valid as prophetic foresight for future moves of God, and, very important for our alignment with how God already works, so that we may be better prepared for the future.

My prophetic insight with reference to the apostolic movement in Europe

The first thing I “heard” in the Spirit was: 

“The apostolic movement in Europe needs a new identity”

The way I perceive this is that the separation of ECAL from ICAL and the new name ‘European Apostolic Leaders’ is the result of God’s move, intention, and, sovereign purpose

The need for new identity does not suggest that the present identity of EAL is wrong; rather, I “see” the Lord calling His Apostles in Europe to come together to seek the Lord for clarity of identity, purpose and strategies on how to further develop the existing works in progress, and, expand the building up of God’s Kingdom in Europe.

Prophetic Insight 2016Evi Markakis

Moreover, in line with the principle of God speaking through the multitude of prophetic voices working as team, the identity of a corporate move of God needs the involvement and input by all (or, as many as possible of) the members that make up the particular “body”.

It is almost as if I am “hearing” in the Spirit: 

“Gather my generals together so that I may speak through them, for I want to give you the plans and blueprints of what I want to build in your lands in your generation”.

At this point it is appropriate that I interject what the Lord spoke to my wife Evi, yesterday:

“New roads in the desert, so that others may follow”

And to me it was given: “Time for new enterprises”

Interestingly, one of the characteristics of the apostolic ministries is entrepreneurship; the nature and character of certain (if not all) Apostles of the Lord is to be like an entrepreneur who starts up new businesses, invents new products and services, and sets up new regional branches.

“A new season ahead – time for new birth”

Prophetic Insight 2016

I was fighting in my soul if I should write this… after all, at least once a year, usually more, something new starts, a new season begins, God starts a new move, etc. It is almost boring to keep repeating the same words, especially when everyone knows it is a New Year! It is… new!

Nonetheless, it IS a new season ahead! Not because it is a New Year, but because God’s nature is so creative that He always does new things, in new ways! Even the concept of fresh “manna” in the desert every morning reveals the same principle.

In that light, as we enter 2016 it is fitting that we let go of all of our set ways and comfort zones of what we know how to do well. I believe the Lord is calling us in this new season to be prepared for new adventures and new ventures, which will require the start-up of new projects, the opening of new doors, the starting up of new relationships, the growth and expansion to new territories (not just geographical, but also in terms of new areas of involvement).

“Time for an upgrade”

I need to share this story, which I am convinced is a physical yet prophetic manifestation of what the Lord is saying/doing.

At the end of 2014 my laptop broke down, and I had to buy a new one. Less than a year later, over a month ago, the new laptop developed problems, so I had to take it back to be fixed. After a failed effort to fix it, the retailer came back to me saying that they would give me the full amount I had paid as credit towards the purchase of a new laptop. 

This article I am writing right now is the first document to be written in this new laptop, which I purchased yesterday. Gets better… the product’s model is XPS13 – when I was at the retail store yesterday, the purchase was completed at precisely 13:13 (13 minutes past 1 pm), which I happened to see because I had to use my mobile phone.

Prophetic Insight 2016

As I reflected on this “coincidence” of timing 13:13 and model version 13, I had had a few thoughts… (yesterday was the day that I was seeking the Lord for prophetic insight for 2016):

The coincidence of timing of a purchase of a new laptop at the turn of the year, could not have been a mere coincidence literally, but a physical sign on Earth of what the Lord does. So, what did the Lord want me to understand? I believe I “heard” in the Spirit: “time for upgrade”!

Moreover, number 13 is the number of the 12 Apostles and the Lord. In spite of all the negative, superstitious perceptions of number 13, and how the people of the occult use it for evil purposes, number 13 is actually a reflection of the Governmental authority that is present in the apostolic council that presents itself in the Presence of the Lord.

This is a good moment to remember what we said earlier:

“Gather my generals together so that I may speak through them, for I want to give you the plans and blueprints of what I want to build in your lands in your generation”.

I believe there is a call of God for 2016 to be a time that an Apostolic Council of Europe is convened before the Presence of the Lord, to pray for the Continent, and to receive strategic instructions and directions that (will) have the capacity to change Europe as we know it today.

Additional prophetic insight

    As we prayed yesterday for 2016, my wife Evi shared the following, that my spirit bears witness as being the word of the Lord for this hour:

    “The Lord is calling for an Awakening of His Ecclesia”

Prophetic Insight 2016

This is something that I believe we need to pray for, so that God’s will may become reality in the Body of Christ of our Continent.

“Prayer with simplicity of faith so that we may overcome the stronghold of unbelief”

It is my conviction that ‘unbelief’ is not just the state of things in a person’s heart, but a “systemic weakness” inherent to the entire western civilization, and the result of humanism and rationalization. It is a demonic stronghold that casts a spiritual atmosphere of blindness to the spirit realm and inability to receive and release God’s supernatural flow and power.

As the Lord is calling us in 2016 to make new roads in the desert, start up new enterprises, develop a new corporate identity and be used by God for the birthing of new things, we need child-like faith and prayer with simplicity of heart, in order to overcome the stronghold of unbelief.

“We must overcome passivity”

When Evi said that, Isaiah 61:3 came to mind, specifically, where it is written “the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness” – this “heaviness” causes certain passivity in action, and, procrastination in decision making.

“We are called to put enemies under the feet of Jesus”

That was the main call of our annual Prophetic Conference in the beginning of December (ref. Psalm 110:1-2) and a banner that I see the Lord has raised for the last several months. So, I was hesitant to include that in the prophetic insight of 2016 because it is not a “new” thing. 

However, it is still a call of God that needs to be fulfilled in and through our lives. As much as we are called to overcome on a personal level, this call of God is also for us corporately as the Body of Christ in Europe. This is all the more true for Apostolic Leaders who are called to wage war against the forces of Darkness on a corporate level over territories, nations, Europe – both, as individuals, and as leaders of other people and ministries.

Last point of what I believe the Lord is saying for 2016 (we save the best for the last…)

Prophetic Insight 2016 “New finances to fund the work of the Kingdom”

This was confirmed also through one more person of our ministry (Fotis), who said last night that the Lord was speaking Ecclesiastes 2:26 to him.

I believe the time has come for growth in the area of financial capacity of the Body of Christ so that the work of the Kingdom may not be hindered. However, it is important to say that God is always able to provide; so, what does it mean that in 2016 there will be more finances available?

As there are seasons of “fat cows and lean cows”, so there are cycles in how things happen in the spirit realm. I believe we shall see an outpouring of finances in the new year, especially in the areas where we work in full partnership with (the leading of) the Lord for our ministries.

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